1.2.0open in new window (2023-04-10)


  • New configuration page: New configuration page, support configuration description, drag node arrangement, etc. (close #16open in new window)

1.1.0open in new window (2022-07-30)


  • ice-server high availability: Default supports using zk as a high-availability solution for ice-server close #13open in new window)

1.0.4open in new window (2022-07-30)


  • Ensure that the application is completed, then ice provides services: origin used CommandLineRunner to init ice client,But this startup lags behind services such as TomcatServer. It will cause the ice service provided to the outside world to be unavailable in a short period of time. (close #12open in new window)

1.0.3open in new window (2022-07-14)


  • Blocked on start up: Blocked on start up with node filed autowired of spring beans use @Bean (close #11open in new window)

1.0.2open in new window (2022-07-05)


  • Jackson replaces Fastjson: Use Jackson to replace Fastjson (close #8open in new window)
  • Configuration leaf node optimization: The node implemented by the client is fed back to the server configuration node (close #9open in new window)
  • Add error input parameters: IceErrorHandle.handleError() and BaseNode.errorHandle() add input parameter Throwable t to facilitate different processing according to different error types


  • putMutli thread safety issue: Fix IceRoam's putMutli thread safety issue that may occur when building multiple layers

1.0.1open in new window (2022-06-11)


  • Remove rmi: Replace rmi communication with netty (close #5open in new window) Running out of spring: You can use IceNioClient in ice-core to run in any java program (close #6open in new window)
  • Asynchronous result acquisition: Asynchronously executed process returns futures (close #7open in new window)

0.0.9open in new window (2022-04-12)